Azienda Sanitaria Provinciale Siracusa (ASPS)


Provincial Health Institute of Syracuse (ASPS)

The Provincial Health Institute of Syracuse desserves a population of approximately 400,000 inhabitants. The Health providing organization contemplates a division of the province into four “districts”, represented by the District of Syracuse, Lentini, Noto and Augusta. On the territory , function also four hospitals evenly distributed so as to cover four broad areas of the province: North (territory of Lentini) center-North (territory of Augusta), Center (Syracuse area) and South (Territory of Noto-Avola). The representative office of the Health Institute resides in the figure of General Manager. Territorial and Hospital Districts are coordinated by a Health and a administrative coordinators.

Since 1997, in the Health Institute of Syracuse, exists a Cancer Registry accredited by the ” IARC of Lyon ‘, which claims a considerable experience in the cancer epidemiology field.

The project, for the part which impends to the ASP of Syracuse, will be coordinated by the Regional Health Coordinator of the Area, Dr. Anselmo Madeddu, assisted by the Chief of the Lentini Hospital, Dr. Giovanni Trombatore, and by the Responsible of Screening Unit, Dr. Sabina Malignaggi. The operational phase of the project will be set up in the premises of the Lentini Hospital.


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