Dr Christian Saliba

Researcher Details
Title Dr Christian Saliba
Short Profile Christian Saliba has been active in the field of Oncology and Molecular Pathology for the past 7 years. Following his Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy at the University of Malta, he read for a Ph.D. in Toxicology (Oncology and Molecular Pathology) at the University of Cagliari. Christian is currently studying cell proliferation and carcinogenesis in different human breast cancer cell line models and in patient samples as part of his Postdoctoral Interlude at the University of Malta. This work together with several awarded grants gave him the opportunity to collaborate with various international research groups and yielded in the publication of a number of articles in high impact peer reviewed international journals. He had the opportunity to further expose his research results in several international scientific conferences with various oral and poster presentations. In addition to wikipedia, other resources fill out watson's knowledge resources, including wiktionary, wikiquote, multiple editions of the bible, and popular books from <a href="https://writemypaper4me.org">https://writemypaper4me.org</a> sites such as project gutenberg
Institution Details
Institution University of Malta
Department Physiology and Biochemistry