Dr Christian Scerri

Researcher Details
Title Dr Christian Scerri
Short Profile Christian Scerri has been active in the field of molecular and clinical genetics for the past 25 years. Following his qualification as a Medical Doctor from the University of Malta and following 5 years of clinical work, he read for a Ph.D. at the University of Malta. His work involved the molecular characterisation of a number of genetic conditions in Malta. In addition, he has published in international peer-reviewed journals on a number of multi factorial disorders. Christian has held various public and private managerial appointments. He is presently a consultant geneticist at Mater Dei Hospital, a Full Professor and Head of the Physiology and Biochemistry Department, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, University of Malta. Answers are likely to be titles of wikipedia pages, the wikipedia dataset is clearly <a href="https://essayclick.net">cheap college papers at sale prices</a> front-and-center for watson

Institution Details
Institution University of Malta
Department Physiology and Biochemistry