Mr Joseph Psaila

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Title Mr Joseph Psaila
Short Profile Joe Psaila is a surgeon who worked as a General Consultant, Vascular and Breast Surgeon and a Royal College tutor, Lecturer in Surgery and wide range of surgical specialties at University Hospital of Wales. He has undertaken Extensive human, animal and laboratory research in gastroenterology, wound care, Ultrasonic Blood flow, Breast work, Peptic Ulcer and GI disease, and blood vessel disease. Established a Vascular Unit in South Yorkshire and symptomatic Breast Unit, awarded ‘Beacon status’ on two occasions nominated for a Nye Bevan award. This unit pioneered electronic triple assessment, nurse-led family history evaluations, including radiographer ‘reads’. Regularly invited to participate in UK Management and Health Delivery seminars, and scientific symposia. He was seconded on the NHS Electronic record project on the National Core Team. Chaired various groups including the North Trent Breast Cancer Network, invited to serve on UK national committees including terminology groups, two-week wait, Choose-and-book, Disease Coding, Tariffs, IT projects, Governance, Audit, Peer Review, SHA Clinical Leads and regional committees. As Professional QA advisor to the UK NE region he served on the Association of Breast Surgery Committee at BASO in London. Undertakes evaluations of screening units in the UK. Invited to advise on establishing screening services in Malta by the Prime Minster’s Office. He travels to the UK on QA work and represents Malta on Screening Guideline EU groups and networks, besides contributing to the clinical management of Maltese women at the Screening Unit. Invited to join the WHO/EU network for Screening Management. Currently Deputising head for the Malta Screening services. Instead, apple has cell phone tracker <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">the details</a> removed it in favor of its own lightning port
Institution Details
Institution Ministry of Health and Energy, Malta
Department Breast Screening Centre